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Apple ad leak seemingly confirms major iPhone 14 Pro design change

We’re still several months away from the iPhone 14 launches, but the iPhone 14 Pro’s new screen design appears to have been confirmed by artwork in a leaked Apple Pay advert.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by the channel Apple Archive Thai, lasts for just 15 seconds and demonstrates the basic process of using Apple Pay in a shop. But the stylized image of the handset quite clearly has a pair of smaller screen apertures in place of the notch, following the hole + pill configuration widely expected to feature on the iPhone 14 Pro in September. Leakers have suggested that the Face ID sensors will sit in the more elongated lozenge on the left, while the front-facing camera will occupy the pinhole on the right and the video suggests Apple will use it as an identifying characteristic like the notch.

It’s hard to say for sure if the video is legitimate, especially as Apple Archive Thai is a little-known channel with relatively few subscribers and not much track record to speak of. But it certainly looks legit, and if it’s a fake, the fakers have done an excellent job in capturing Apple’s visual and musical aesthetic.

It also makes sense for the video to exist. The company will want a full portfolio of marketing materials ready to go the second the 14 Pro is revealed, so as to familiarize customers with the new design, and updating everything to show the 14 Pro instead of the 13 Pro is an enormous job. With less than four months until the launch, plenty of finished or nearly finished videos like this will be in circulation at Apple Park, and we know the company has not completely solved its leaking problem.

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