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Apple's Craig Federighi explains why Stage Manager only appears for M1 iPads

 It is probably the biggest feature of iPadOS 16: Stage Manager. The new feature takes multitasking to a new level, catching up with the Mac as macOS Ventura also introduces Stage Manager. You can use multiple apps at the same time in customizable windows and even set up workstations for different tasks, so you can group apps directly.  It's also supposed to allow for quick switching. However, there is a big catch: The function for the release of the new software will only be available to a few users. It requires Apple's M1 chip, which is currently only installed in the iPad Pro (2021) and the iPad Air (5th generation, 2022). Thus, not only the iPad (9th generation) as well as the iPad mini (6th generation) are left out, but all iPad models without the M1.  That's why Stage Manager only runs on the M1 iPads. Last week, industry expert René Ritchie had already asked Apple why only the latest models support Stage Manager. Apple replied:  "Delivering this experience at th