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How to block spam texts on iPhone

 It happens to every single iPhone user… you are being inundated with spam texts and you can’t handle it anymore. Indeed, it’s been an ongoing and frustrating problem for quite some time now. How to block spam texts on your iPhone. For some people, it’s only gotten worse recently. What makes the issue particularly irritating is that spammers have become more clever and sophisticated with time. For example, you’ve likely seen spam texts on your iPhone originating from numbers that look eerily close to your own phone number. This is done to trick users into thinking that the text itself is legitimate. And taking things even further, scammers are now texting unsuspecting users from their own numbers. This issue, we should note, only impacts Verizon users and the company claims that they’ve “made a significant effort to limit the current activity” of the scheme. But even if you’re not a Verizon subscriber, you could still probably stand to receive fewer spam texts. Here’s how to stop spam