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What Is the Best iPhone for Kids?

 Getting a phone for your kids is fast becoming a rite of passage that ranks highly alongside other adolescent milestones like learning to drive. Kids are more active than ever, and it is essential that you have a way to contact them, and they have a way to contact you. What Is the Best iPhone for Kids? However, phones are expensive, and you want to ensure that you are not throwing good money after bad. So here are three options to consider as you look for the best iPhone for your child. 1. The iPhone SE (2020) The 2020 iPhone SE is an excellent choice if you are getting your child their first iPhone. Whether you buy it outright or spread the cost over installments, the $399 price tag is affordable for most families. In terms of performance, the iPhone SE is no slouch. It has the same A13 processor that was used in the iPhone 11 Pro, so it's fast and capable of running all the apps and games from the store. The 4.7-inch screen isn't as big as the ones you will find on budget An