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How to set screen time on iPhone and iPad for parental control

 Nowadays, children are spending more and more time using iPhones and iPads. iPhones and iPads are also learning and entertainment tools for children, and there are thousands of great apps for children on them. However, it also brings new challenges for parents to manage their children's use of iPhone and iPad and control their time of use. Today let's talk about how to set screen usage time on iPhone and iPad to achieve parental control to manage electronic devices. What is screen time? Apple has added a new "Screen Time" feature in the iOS 12 update. Screen Time is a feature that allows you to restrict and monitor the use of apps on iPhone and iPad; helps you manage the time your kids spend on iPhone and iPad to prevent them from getting addicted to games and control the length of time you use iPhone and iPad to prevent myopia. If your iPhone or iPad is still on iOS 11 or earlier, you need to consider upgrading your system because Apple has added the "Screen Ti

18 solutions to fix widgets not working or refreshing on iPhone and iPad

 Widgets on the iPhone and iPad Home Screen and Today View show helpful information at a glance. They cut or reduce the need to open the app. Weather, Stocks, Maps, and most other widgets must frequently refresh to give you the latest, correct, up-to-date information. 18 solutions to fix widgets not working or refreshing on iPhone and iPad? However, if Apple and third-party app widgets are not working, updating, or refreshing on your iPhone or iPad, here’s what you should do to fix these issues. Operating systems that support widgets Widgets in Today View (accessed by swiping right on the first Home Screen or Lock Screen) has been on iPhone and iPad since iOS 8, released in 2014. Starting with iOS 14, released in 2020, you can also place widgets on the iPhone Home Screen (except the Dock). Related: How to find, add, and remove Home Screen widgets on iPhone 18 solutions to fix widgets not working or refreshing on iPhone and iPad Here’s how to fix widget problems in iOS and iPadOS: Ensur

How do print documents from your iPhone and iPad

 Trying to print something directly from your iPhone or iPad can be a bit convoluted, and you might think sending it to yourself and printing it from a desktop is more convenient. Rest assured, printing from your mobile device has only gotten easier over the years; How do print documents from your iPhone and iPad? here are the steps needed to make it happen. In this guide, we’ll help take you through the process of printing from your iPhone or iPad with a couple of different methods to suit your needs. Looking to offload content? Lucky for you, we have a guide on how to transfer photos from an iPhone to your Mac or PC. How to print using Apple AirPrint AirPrint-enabled apps let you create and print full-quality documents and graphics without the chore of installing drivers or configuring the printer queue. The requirements are rather minimal: You need any model iPad, an iPhone 3GS or later, or a third-generation iPod Touch -- as well as the latest version of iOS and an AirPrint-compati