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Work smarter: Connect your Mac to an extra monitor

 The more screen space you have the more efficiently you work apparently. So why not connect a second (or even a third) display to your Mac? In this article, we help you identify which adapter you need to plug your Mac into an extra, external screen (or even more than one), and how to get everything set up. While it’s generally easy to set up an additional screen, there are a few issues that might cause your display not to be detected by your Mac, so we will also offer solutions for these problems below. It is also possible to use an iPad as a second screen – an option that Apple added in macOS Catalina and then enhanced in macOS Monterey. This may suit you if you don’t already own an external screen, but note that you do need a supported Mac and iPad. We look at how to use your iPad as a screen for your Mac in a separate article, along with which iPads and Macs support the feature. In Monterey, Apple added the ability to use one keyboard and mouse with two Macs, or a Mac and iPad, whi

How to manage notifications in macOS Monterey

 You've still got all the tools to manage Mac notifications in macOS Monterey, but the introduction of Focus Mode means they've been rearranged - and improved. It's still brilliant that your Mac can tip you off when there's a new email, or message, or really anything that you need to know. It's still extraordinarily annoying when your Mac keeps telling you things you don't want to know — and seemingly does so every ten seconds. The answer has always been to tame what notifications you allow through, and when. Previously, though, that was tied to Do Not Disturb — and now in macOS Monterey, we have Focus Mode. That's a kind of superset of Do Not Disturb and in implementing it, Apple has moved some familiar notification tools to new places. They're all still in System Preferences, but now the general controls are changed. Instead, the overall controls like scheduling when you will allow any notifications have been moved into the new Focus Mode. The options

How to set screen time on Mac for parental control

 Today, let's talk about how to set screen time on Mac. Screen time can effectively prevent your child from seeing unhealthy content when surfing the Internet, and screen time can also control the length of time your child uses electronic products to effectively protect your child's eyes and prevent myopia. It can also control the length of time your child uses electronic devices, effectively protect your child's eyes and prevent myopia. It can help parents control electronic devices and help you manage their children. In macOS Mojave and previous versions the feature name is Parental Control, in macOS Catalina and newer versions parental control is achieved through the screen time of use feature, the purpose is the same. Creating an account on a Mac First, we create a dedicated account for our child, who will then use the newly created account to log in to the Mac to browse websites or use applications. The macOS version we are using is macOS Big Sur, and the steps to crea

How to add a printer to your Mac

 Whether you just bought your first Mac or found a great deal on a printer, you’re going to want to connect the two. Printing PDFs , images, or documents from Mac is easy, but until you add a printer, you’re in a pickle. How to add a printer to your Mac. Be sure that you follow the instructions for your printer for any necessary setup ahead of adding it to your Mac, such as connecting it to your local network or setting up Bluetooth. When you're ready, though, here's how to add a printer to a Mac. How to add a printer to a Mac Like most settings on macOS, you’ll find those for adding a printer in System preferences. Step 1: Select the Apple icon and pick System preferences, or choose the System preferences icon in your Dock. Step 2: On the main screen, open Printers and scanners. You’ll see any connected printers listed on the left. So, if you plug a USB printer into your Mac, you should already see it listed and ready for use. If you don’t see the printer you need, select the

6 Fun and Surprising Ways to Improve Your Mac’s Pointer

 Believe it or not, your Mac’s cursor—or pointer comes with many customization features. 6 Fun and Surprising Ways to Improve Your Mac’s Pointer. You can change your cursor’s look to make it more your style or increase its size so it’s easier to see. You can even change the way you scroll when browsing the web or reading on your Mac. Likewise, it also comes with a lot of accessibility features, so everyone can still control their Mac’s cursor, even without a mouse.  The best part is that it’ll only take you a few clicks to customize it the way you want it. There are many things you can change, so we’ll only give you the basics for you to start customizing it.  Whether you call it a cursor or a pointer, here’s how you can customize it on your Mac.  How to Change Your Pointer’s Color Changing the color of your pointer is an easy way to make it stand out on your Mac’s screen, which will make it a lot easier to spot it when you need to. Plus, you can personalize it and use your favorite co

10 very useful Mac features, there are surely some you haven't used yet.

 The Mac operating system that we use today was introduced 21 years ago. Whether you’ve been using the Mac longer than that or you’re new to it, macOS is a vast operating system, and there are always features that you either don’t know or have forgotten about, features that you can take advantage of to help you get stuff done. Here are 10 very useful Mac features, there are surely some you haven't used yet. Here are macOS tips and features that you may not know about or forgot about, and they can help you get more out of your Mac. Some of these have been on the Mac for a while, but others are relatively new. These tips and features are in the latest version of macOS Monterey. Rearrange menu bar icons The menu bar is a good way to quickly access frequently-used settings and other functions. To get the most out of it, you can rearrange the icon order to your preferred locations. To move an icon, hold the Command button, and then click and drag the icon to where you want. A few menu b

How to Print PDF Files on Mac

 It doesn’t get any easier than printing to PDF on Mac. Fortunately, you won’t have to go find, download, and then install software, such as Adobe Acrobat or Reader. Instead, getting access to printing and converting your Mac files to a PDF is done with native features. With this step-by-step guide, you’ll be printing files to PDF lickety-split. How to Print PDF Files on Mac? You’ll find plenty of benefits from printing files to PDF on your CPU. You can help cut back on deforestation, share documents with ease, and even ensure that you have cross-compatibility with platforms like Windows or Linux. How to Print PDF Files on Mac Step 1: Open the File menu Note: Almost every Mac application can save a document as a PDF, but to make it easy, we’re going to show you how to print a document to PDF in Numbers. First, open the document you wish to print to PDF in any Mac application. Once your document is open and you’re ready to save it as a PDF, open the File menu at the top of the page and