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How to add a printer to your Mac

 Whether you just bought your first Mac or found a great deal on a printer, you’re going to want to connect the two. Printing PDFs , images, or documents from Mac is easy, but until you add a printer, you’re in a pickle. How to add a printer to your Mac. Be sure that you follow the instructions for your printer for any necessary setup ahead of adding it to your Mac, such as connecting it to your local network or setting up Bluetooth. When you're ready, though, here's how to add a printer to a Mac. How to add a printer to a Mac Like most settings on macOS, you’ll find those for adding a printer in System preferences. Step 1: Select the Apple icon and pick System preferences, or choose the System preferences icon in your Dock. Step 2: On the main screen, open Printers and scanners. You’ll see any connected printers listed on the left. So, if you plug a USB printer into your Mac, you should already see it listed and ready for use. If you don’t see the printer you need, select the