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Work smarter: Connect your Mac to an extra monitor

 The more screen space you have the more efficiently you work apparently. So why not connect a second (or even a third) display to your Mac? In this article, we help you identify which adapter you need to plug your Mac into an extra, external screen (or even more than one), and how to get everything set up. While it’s generally easy to set up an additional screen, there are a few issues that might cause your display not to be detected by your Mac, so we will also offer solutions for these problems below. It is also possible to use an iPad as a second screen – an option that Apple added in macOS Catalina and then enhanced in macOS Monterey. This may suit you if you don’t already own an external screen, but note that you do need a supported Mac and iPad. We look at how to use your iPad as a screen for your Mac in a separate article, along with which iPads and Macs support the feature. In Monterey, Apple added the ability to use one keyboard and mouse with two Macs, or a Mac and iPad, whi