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Is Your iPhone at Risk of Catching Fire?

 You’ve probably heard stories about iPhones unexpectedly catching on fire. A few years back, an Australian surfer couldn’t surf the waves or the internet because of his self-combusting iPhone 7. More recently, an iPhone exploded into flames while being fixed at a repair shop. Though the cause of the fireball isn’t always discovered, most often the culprit is ultimately found to be the battery. So here are five things you can do to lower the risk of your iPhone going up in smoke. Don’t use a knockoff charger or cable Don’t use a cheap knockoff charger or charging cable. Buy a quality charger or cable from Apple or a trusted brand like Belkin or Anker. Knockoff chargers and cables are not built with the same quality material and safety standards as the name brands. As a result, they are more likely to break, overheat or experience other electrical issues that could lead to a fire. Charge on a safe surface More than one iPhone caught fire while its owner was charging the phone in their b