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The 7 worst iPhone apps for your privacy

 Apple has written data protection in big letters on its flags. Every operating system tries to protect your data as best as possible, but some apps circumvent this in a tricky way. We would like to introduce you to some "bad" apps. WhatsApp The popular messenger has been under criticism not just since the new privacy policies, which at this point have been put on hold until further notice. The Facebook subsidiary has long been considered our apps that sometimes know your most personal information. Check out alternatives like Signal or Threema. Facebook In late 2020, Facebook rebelled when Apple announced the app tracking feature to allow users: ins to choose whether or not to be tracked across multiple apps. The company felt its advertising revenue was in jeopardy. That's because every time you open the app, it learns the latest news about you and can thus shower you with even more targeted advertising. By the way, the Facebook app also collects data when you are not act

Apple's Craig Federighi explains why Stage Manager only appears for M1 iPads

 It is probably the biggest feature of iPadOS 16: Stage Manager. The new feature takes multitasking to a new level, catching up with the Mac as macOS Ventura also introduces Stage Manager. You can use multiple apps at the same time in customizable windows and even set up workstations for different tasks, so you can group apps directly.  It's also supposed to allow for quick switching. However, there is a big catch: The function for the release of the new software will only be available to a few users. It requires Apple's M1 chip, which is currently only installed in the iPad Pro (2021) and the iPad Air (5th generation, 2022). Thus, not only the iPad (9th generation) as well as the iPad mini (6th generation) are left out, but all iPad models without the M1.  That's why Stage Manager only runs on the M1 iPads. Last week, industry expert René Ritchie had already asked Apple why only the latest models support Stage Manager. Apple replied:  "Delivering this experience at th

65 new iOS 16 features. All innovations and changes

 Presented at WWDC 2022, the mobile operating system for the iPhone caused a lot of questions and complaints. Some users did not appreciate the updated lock screen, attributing it to a feature of Android. Others praise the changes presented. In July, a public test version of the system will be available, anyone can install it. In the meantime, we, in turn, study the system in detail and look for all the smallest changes and chips. The article will be updated until the release of iOS 16 in the fall Lock Screen and Control Center 1. Widgets. Perhaps the most notable innovation in the operating system. Dynamic widgets appeared on the lock screen. They can be installed both from regular applications (Weather, Fitness, and so on) and from a third-party (support will appear later). 2. Customizable fonts. Now you can change the watch face visually. There are 6 different fonts available for three writing formats (Arabic, Indo-Arabic, and Devanagari). In addition, you can change the color of th

Why does an iPhone with Touch ID sometimes ask for an unlock code?

 To improve the security of user data, Apple has developed a special protocol to store Touch ID fingerprints. These data are not transmitted to Apple's servers and are stored only on the user's device. Of course, they are "hidden" in encrypted form and the decryption key is stored only in the iPhone's RAM. To prevent saved fingerprints or encryption keys from being read when you turn off your device, the system wipes them when you turn off your iPhone. With a new open, the smartphone generates a new key to access the fingerprint, for which it needs an unlock code. The decryption key is also deleted if the device is left unlocked for a long time or if several consecutive unlock attempts fail. In these cases, you also need to enter the passcode. It is not possible to disable such checks and it is in the interest of the user to enable it. On the one hand, you turn off and restart your iPhone infrequently, and on the other hand, regular reminders do not make you forge

iPads will no longer be HomeKit centers as of iPadOS 16

 Apple has unveiled iPadOS 16 and already presented the first beta for developers. The final version will be released in the fall. But those who want to install it should think carefully beforehand: Although Apple has completely revamped the Home app, the iPad will no longer be able to perform one important function: It will no longer be able to serve as a HomeKit control center. Until now, Apple has made it possible for HomePods, the Apple TV, and iPads to serve as home hubs. However, with the release of iOS and iPadOS 16 this year, iPads will no longer be supported as Home Hubs. This means that users will need an Apple TV or a HomePod if they want to use HomeKit and perform automation or use the system on the go. Why Apple is pruning the iPad of this feature is unknown. There are definitely users who attached an old iPad to the wall with a mount and used it as a control center for the smart home. The Home app still runs on iPadOS, so at least the interface is preserved. Of course, us

iPadOS 16 preview: Rumored features could bring Mac-like capabilities to the tablet

 If there’s one announcement during Monday’s WWDC keynote address that everyone is anticipating, it’s iPadOS 16. After Apple added a Thunderbolt port and M1 processor to the iPad Pro and upgraded the iPad Air and mini with 5G and Center Stage, all eyes are on iPadOS to finally bring Apple’s vision of the tablet to fruition. Here’s everything we know about iPadOS 16 ahead of the keynote at 10 am PT on Monday. iPadOS 16: Rumored features According to a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman , Apple is gearing up to make “significant changes” to the way we interact with our iPads. Gurman says the new iPad interface will be “one of the biggest upgrades” at WWDC. Among the rumored changes are several interface tweaks that are long overdue. Gurman reports that Apple will revamp the iPad’s multitasking and app interface, and add features that will make the tablet “more like a laptop and less like a phone.” Among the expected new features are: A redesigned multitasking interface that makes it eas