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8 Best Apple Pencil Hidden Features You Should Use

  The iPad and the Apple pencil are a perfect match. The Apple pencil was made for the iPad. Sure, the iPad can do without the Apple Pencil and keyboard, but you're missing out on the perfect iPad experience. Because Apple's Apple pencil for iPad has hidden features you should try. To get the most out of your iPad screen and make it your productivity tool, it's important to have the Apple pencil. Use double-tap gestures for retouching by turning on "double-tap action. When using the Apple pencil as an eraser, you can turn on "double-tap" and set it to double-tap to switch to the eraser tool to help you quickly complete erasing operations during your drawing and retouching work without having to repeatedly use the eraser function of the app. 1, open the "Settings" application on the iPad, that is, the application of the gear icon. 2, click "Accessibility", then click "Apple pencil". 3. Turn off "Double-tap" or change the