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Apple ad leak seemingly confirms major iPhone 14 Pro design change

We’re still several months away from the iPhone 14 launches, but the iPhone 14 Pro’s new screen design appears to have been confirmed by artwork in a leaked Apple Pay advert. The video, uploaded to YouTube by the channel Apple Archive Thai, lasts for just 15 seconds and demonstrates the basic process of using Apple Pay in a shop. But the stylized image of the handset quite clearly has a pair of smaller screen apertures in place of the notch, following the hole + pill configuration widely expected to feature on the iPhone 14 Pro in September. Leakers have suggested that the Face ID sensors will sit in the more elongated lozenge on the left, while the front-facing camera will occupy the pinhole on the right and the video suggests Apple will use it as an identifying characteristic like the notch. It’s hard to say for sure if the video is legitimate, especially as Apple Archive Thai is a little-known channel with relatively few subscribers and not much track record to speak of. But it cert

Apple’s iPhone 14 Lineup Is Getting All-New, ‘High-End’ Front Camera Systems

This year’s iPhone lineup may finally include a nice upgrade to the selfie camera. A new report revealing that Apple has stepped up to a higher quality supplier adds weight to last month’s rumors of upcoming front camera improvements. In April, the venerable Ming-Chi Kuo predicted the coming of autofocus and a wider aperture to the iPhone 14 TrueDepth camera system. Today, a report from Korea IT News seemingly corroborates this with news that Apple has stepped up to a better class of camera supplier, reclassifying the front cameras as “high-end” components. For years, the iPhone front camera modules have been supplied by an unnamed Chinese manufacturer and Japan’s Sharp. At roughly one-third of the cost of the rear camera, the Chinese and Japanese-made components had been considered low-cost parts. However, this year Apple is going with LG Innotek to supply the front camera. This South Korean company has been providing high-end rear-facing cameras to Apple for a while but has recently

Work smarter: Connect your Mac to an extra monitor

 The more screen space you have the more efficiently you work apparently. So why not connect a second (or even a third) display to your Mac? In this article, we help you identify which adapter you need to plug your Mac into an extra, external screen (or even more than one), and how to get everything set up. While it’s generally easy to set up an additional screen, there are a few issues that might cause your display not to be detected by your Mac, so we will also offer solutions for these problems below. It is also possible to use an iPad as a second screen – an option that Apple added in macOS Catalina and then enhanced in macOS Monterey. This may suit you if you don’t already own an external screen, but note that you do need a supported Mac and iPad. We look at how to use your iPad as a screen for your Mac in a separate article, along with which iPads and Macs support the feature. In Monterey, Apple added the ability to use one keyboard and mouse with two Macs, or a Mac and iPad, whi

Five Ways to Free Up Space on Your iPhone You Didn’t Know

 Not everyone wants to pay a premium to store stuff on their iPhone. Many people opt for the entry-level model with the lowest storage capacity figuring it will be enough. Unfortunately, this guesstimate is often incorrect. Instead of ample space, these iPhone owners scramble daily to find additional space for photos, messages, and more. Most people know how to delete pictures to liberate space. Five Ways to Free Up Space on Your iPhone You Didn’t Know. Clear Safari Cache If you browse the web on your iPhone, you may not realize how much space each site you visit takes up on your iPhone. Over time, Safari website data can occupy a surprising amount of storage. To free up this space. You need to go to Settings > Safari. Scroll to Clear History and Website Data and follow the prompts to confirm the removal. Next time you open the browser, you may be required to re-enter passwords, addresses, and other site-specific information. Remove Messages Automatically The Messages app can be a g

How to manage notifications in macOS Monterey

 You've still got all the tools to manage Mac notifications in macOS Monterey, but the introduction of Focus Mode means they've been rearranged - and improved. It's still brilliant that your Mac can tip you off when there's a new email, or message, or really anything that you need to know. It's still extraordinarily annoying when your Mac keeps telling you things you don't want to know — and seemingly does so every ten seconds. The answer has always been to tame what notifications you allow through, and when. Previously, though, that was tied to Do Not Disturb — and now in macOS Monterey, we have Focus Mode. That's a kind of superset of Do Not Disturb and in implementing it, Apple has moved some familiar notification tools to new places. They're all still in System Preferences, but now the general controls are changed. Instead, the overall controls like scheduling when you will allow any notifications have been moved into the new Focus Mode. The options

Is Your iPhone at Risk of Catching Fire?

 You’ve probably heard stories about iPhones unexpectedly catching on fire. A few years back, an Australian surfer couldn’t surf the waves or the internet because of his self-combusting iPhone 7. More recently, an iPhone exploded into flames while being fixed at a repair shop. Though the cause of the fireball isn’t always discovered, most often the culprit is ultimately found to be the battery. So here are five things you can do to lower the risk of your iPhone going up in smoke. Don’t use a knockoff charger or cable Don’t use a cheap knockoff charger or charging cable. Buy a quality charger or cable from Apple or a trusted brand like Belkin or Anker. Knockoff chargers and cables are not built with the same quality material and safety standards as the name brands. As a result, they are more likely to break, overheat or experience other electrical issues that could lead to a fire. Charge on a safe surface More than one iPhone caught fire while its owner was charging the phone in their b

Steve Jobs Wanted the First iPhone on Verizon to Avoid a SIM Card Slot

 The story of the iPhone may have unfolded very differently had Apple’s engineers not convinced Steve Jobs to abandon one of his design principles. According to “iPodfather” Tony Fadell, Apple’s legendary co-founder, and CEO as opposed to the original iPhone having a SIM card slot, as he felt it would detract from the device’s elegant design. Fadell recounted the story to journalist Joanna Stern during an interview at a special event for The Computer History Museum , where he was promoting his new book, Build An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making. When the original iPhone was still in its nascent design stages, Fadell was heading up Apple’s iPod division and was involved in many high-level conversations among engineers and designers. According to Fadell, Jobs was firmly against having a SIM card slot in the original iPhone. The oft-mercurial CEO told the group working on the device that “we don’t need another hole” in it. [Steve] was such a reductionist. He didn’t want a SI