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65 new iOS 16 features. All innovations and changes

 Presented at WWDC 2022, the mobile operating system for the iPhone caused a lot of questions and complaints.

Some users did not appreciate the updated lock screen, attributing it to a feature of Android. Others praise the changes presented.

In July, a public test version of the system will be available, anyone can install it. In the meantime, we, in turn, study the system in detail and look for all the smallest changes and chips.

The article will be updated until the release of iOS 16 in the fall

Lock Screen and Control Center

1. Widgets. Perhaps the most notable innovation in the operating system. Dynamic widgets appeared on the lock screen.

They can be installed both from regular applications (Weather, Fitness, and so on) and from a third-party (support will appear later).

2. Customizable fonts. Now you can change the watch face visually. There are 6 different fonts available for three writing formats (Arabic, Indo-Arabic, and Devanagari).

In addition, you can change the color of the inscriptions, the entire digital palette is available.

3. Animated wallpaper. Now on the lock screen, you can set full-fledged animated wallpapers that work on their own.

For example, the Earth or the Moon, the weather, and so on. The animation continues on the desktop screen. It looks extremely impressive.

4. Quickly change the lock screen. With your finger on the center of the screen, the Quick-Lock Screen Selection menu opens. Just like on the Apple Watch.

There you can also configure a new screen.

5. Lock screen by Focus. In iOS 16, you can link a specific lock screen to a customized focus mode.

For example, you play sports, set focus to fitness apps, and the lock screen displays the weather and data from the Fitness app.

6. Notices. Now they are shown from the bottom for quick access to them.

7. Notification format. You can customize how notifications are displayed on the lock screen, and there are three formats available: quantity, stack, and list.

▪️ Quantity: shows the total number of notifications grouped by chats, messages, and so on

▪️ Stack: grouping notifications by

▪️ application List: the continuous display of all notifications

You can configure it in the Settings -> Notifications -> Display As menu.

8. What apps used. At the top of Control Center, you can now see a list of recent apps that used location, camera, or microphone.


9. Updated Spotlight search. Now you can access it not only by swiping down but also by clicking on the Search icon at the bottom of the screen.

It appears after flipping through desktop screens instead of dots.


10. Select the Subject function. In the Safari app, you can now not only save a picture but also select a specific object on it.

How it works: Click Select Subject, and the cut large element of the image is saved to the Clipboard. You can then insert it with a transparent background into any app.

11. Updated tabs. The tabs interface has been slightly redrawn:

12. General tab groups. Share a set of tabs with your friends. Anyone can add their own tabs and instantly see a group of tabs updated while collaborating.

13. Pinned tabs in tab groups. Set up your tab groups with pinned tabs for each group.

14. Choose the format for sending the page. Some pages on the Internet can be sent to a person in the form of a PDF or web archive, or the system can make a choice on its own.

15. Translation of web page images. Added support for translating text into images using Live Text.

How it works: select the desired text in the picture, and click Translate. The browser shows a translation of the selected text.


16. Wi-Fi password. Now in the settings of the selected "Wi-Fi", you can see the saved password from it.

17. The Battery section shows the reason for disabling charging. For example, if the iPhone overheats, it will be indicated that the iPhone has stopped charging above 80% due to overheating of the case.

18. Vibration alert of the keyboard. In the Sounds, Tactile Signals -> Keyboard Response menu, you can turn on the vibration for each keyboard press.

Cool feature, try

Live Text

19. Live Text for videos. Text is completely interactive in paused video frames, so you can use features like copy and paste, search, and translate. Live Text works in Photos, Quick View, Safari, and more.

20. Quick actions. Data detected in photos and videos is available with a single tap. Track flights or departures, translate foreign languages, convert currencies, and much more.

21. Languages for Live Text. Added support for Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese, and Korean languages.

22. Currency converter. Highlight the currency in the text or in the photo, the system shows the converted currency in the desired one at the current rate.


23. Reset calls. Now the voice assistant can be asked to end the call. The corresponding toggle switch is activated in the Settings menu -> Siri and search -> End calls with Siri.

24. Emoji in messages. Insert an emoji when sending messages using Siri (doesn't work in Russia).

25. Auto-sending messages. From the Settings -> Siri and Search menu, you can activate this feature. It allows you to send a message immediately without the need for additional confirmation from the user.


26. Completely new interface. The Home app has a brand new design that makes it easy to navigate, organize, browse, and manage all your accessories.

Rooms and favorite accessories are integrated into the app's main tab, making it easy to access the accessories you use most often.

27. Categories. The categories for Lighting, Climate, Security, Speakers, and TVs & Water allow you to quickly access all relevant accessories organized by room, as well as more detailed information about the status of the devices.

28. Cameras on the home screen. Directly on the main page, you can see images from installed video surveillance cameras (4 types of the display).

29. Lock screen widgets. New iPhone lock screen widgets let you see the status of your home and quickly access your favorite accessories right from the lock screen.


30. Mirror your Apple Watch. Now you can fully control your Apple Watch from your iPhone and use Switch Control, Voice Control, or any other assistive features on your iPhone.

31. Siri ads in hearing aids. Now the voice assistant can read out notifications, as in AirPods.

32. Time Siri was suspended. In Accessibility, you can now configure the interval at which Siri waits for your requests to be answered.

33. Import audiograms into Health.


34. Duplicates in the Photos app. iOS 16 scans your entire library of photos and suggests merging duplicate photos, choosing the best option.

35. Recommended photos. iOS intelligently offers photos from your library that look great on the lock screen according to the operating system.

36. General library of photographs. You can now share a separate library of iCloud photos with up to five other people in the family.

37. Smart photo sharing offers. iOS 16 has smart features that let you make sharing seamless: switching in the camera, automatically sharing with Bluetooth devices nearby, and sharing suggestions in the For You section.

38. Share your photo collection. Each family member can add, edit, sign, highlight, and delete pictures.


39. Edit and cancel iMessage messages. Within 15 minutes after the message is sent, you can edit or cancel it.

40. Mark as unread. Mark messages as unread when you don't have time to reply, but you want to reply to the sender later.

41. Recover deleted messages. In the new OS, you can return deleted messages within 30 days from the date of deletion.

42. SharePlay through messaging. Share synced activities like movies, music, workouts, games, and more with friends while chatting in Messages.

43. Collaboration Invitations. In iOS 16, you can send a project collaboration invitation in Messages, and everything on the topic is automatically added to a document, spreadsheet, or project. Compatible with Files, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Notes, Reminders, and Safari, as well as third-party applications.

44. Scrolling through voice messages. You can now rewind and rewind voice messages sent to iMessage.


45. "Smart" fixes in the search. Smart search improves your results on its own by correcting typos and using synonyms for search queries. Advanced search query options are also available, the system itself suggests words and phrases.

46. Cancel sending a message. In the Mail app, you can now stop sending messages that haven't reached the user yet.

47. Delayed sending. Now the service allows you to send messages at a specific time, which will be convenient for you personally.

48. Reminders. The app will remind you of an incomplete draft or an unsent email.

Apple Music

49. Full-screen cover. It will appear later - the track being played will be shown on the full lock screen while playing music.

50. Add an artist to your favorites. In the upper right corner, an asterisk appeared on the screen with the artist - so you can subscribe to updates on this artist.


51. New Security Check feature. It is located in the Privacy section.

Allows you to reset all your data to people and apps in the event of an emergency, as well as quickly change your Apple ID password, people will not receive a notification that you have blocked their access to your information.

Health & Sports

52. Medicines. Now you can specify the medications that you take: names, frequency of use, reminders, compatibility with others, and so on. The iPhone itself will monitor the correctness of the application.

53. The Fitness app is immediately available on iPhone. It no longer requires a clock.

And on the little things

54. "Configure eSIM". Now, in iOS 16, Add eSIM has changed the name. But that's not all. You can transfer the eSIM from one device to another, for this you will be prompted. In Russia, it does not work yet.

55. Personalized Spatial Audio. Now you can customize the 3D sound for yourself, works with AirPods 3, Pro, and Max.

The iPhone camera scans your face and ears from all sides to subtly adjust the surround sound of your headphones.

56. New audio and video player. In the audio player, the circles on the playback bar disappeared, and the interface of the video player was completely redrawn: it became fatter and richer.

57. Support for "joy-cons" from Nintendo Switch.

58. Face ID on iPhone now unlocks the smartphone horizontally. You no longer need to turn your head if you accidentally block the screen.

59. Duplicates in Contacts. Identical iOS 16 numbers will be combined into one contact. To do this, a special notification will pop up.

60. New toggle switch in the Software Update section. Now you can disable the loading of system files and data.

61. Complete redesign of the Tips app. It has become more convenient and informative. Lots of dynamic hints.

62. In Settings, the connected AirPods are now displayed on the home screen. The headphone menu has not changed much, but there is a section with improved spatial sound.

63. In the Photos app, the Hidden section is now actually hidden. It can now be accessed via Face ID or a password. The same goes for recently deleted ones.

64. Short Notes appeared. They are available in the Control Center: click, a small window pops out, and write. The saved note will then be in the Notes -> Short Notes app.

65. The camera in iOS 16 now translates text from any object into Russian.

Works in two modes:

▪️ Instant translation of small texts or phrases, as in Google Translate. That is, in the viewfinder, you will see the modified image.

▪️ For large texts, you must first open the scan by tapping on a special button, and then click Translate. The adapted version will appear in a separate window.


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