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What Is the Best iPhone for Kids?

 Getting a phone for your kids is fast becoming a rite of passage that ranks highly alongside other adolescent milestones like learning to drive. Kids are more active than ever, and it is essential that you have a way to contact them, and they have a way to contact you. What Is the Best iPhone for Kids?

What Is the Best iPhone for Kids?

However, phones are expensive, and you want to ensure that you are not throwing good money after bad. So here are three options to consider as you look for the best iPhone for your child.

1. The iPhone SE (2020)

The 2020 iPhone SE is an excellent choice if you are getting your child their first iPhone. Whether you buy it outright or spread the cost over installments, the $399 price tag is affordable for most families.

In terms of performance, the iPhone SE is no slouch. It has the same A13 processor that was used in the iPhone 11 Pro, so it's fast and capable of running all the apps and games from the store. The 4.7-inch screen isn't as big as the ones you will find on budget Android phones, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in quality with True Tone and a wide color gamut.

The 12MP rear camera shoots 4K video and can blur the background of a photo with the iPhone's Portrait Mode. The IP67 rating means the iPhone SE is splash, water, and dust resistant and capable of surviving 30 minutes while submerged in 1 meter of water.

The battery life is also good. The SE is rated for up to 13 hours of video playback and can be charged to 50% in 30 minutes (when you use a 20W charger). Wireless Qi chargers are another option for charging if you need them.

All of this makes the iPhone SE (2020) an easy contender for the best iPhone for kids. However, it's not the only option.

2. Last Year's iPhone Is Hard to Beat

I have long believed that the best iPhone is last year's iPhone. So, whether you are getting your child their first iPhone or upgrading from an older device, it's worth remembering that those older models are still sold by most carriers.

Why should you consider an older model? The truth is, smartphones have evolved to the extent that it's getting harder to spot those year-over-year improvements that Apple works so hard to highlight. Last year's iPhone did not turn into a bad phone overnight when this year's phone was released.

Sure, they might not have the latest and greatest features, but older iPhones are still iPhones which mean they are secure, reliable, and eligible for at least five years of future software updates to make sure they stay that way.

Check with your carrier to see what models they sell, or explore some of the reputable retailers who sell refurbished iPhones. There is a bargain to be had if you shop for older iPhone models. Do your research and reap the rewards.

3. Your iPhone Is the Best iPhone for Kids!

I know you might be skeptical, but hear me out. Your iPhone is an excellent option for your child, and for lots of people, it truly is the best iPhone for kids. If it is in decent shape, you know that it works well, and your child is probably very familiar with how it works.

If you've had it for a little while, you can take your iPhone to any authorized Apple repair shop and have the battery replaced for $49–69, depending on the model you own. This will give it a new lease of life and extend its usefulness for years to come.

Of course, the best part about giving your iPhone to your child is that you can get a new phone for yourself! Most carriers will have no problem moving your phone to a different line on your family plan when you buy a new phone.

If your phone is still relatively new or you don't want to give it up, consider giving your child your old phone. Most people keep these in a drawer as a backup in case you drop or break the one you are currently using. If you switch out the battery and buy a new case, it will be as good as new again.

An iPhone for All Seasons

Clearly, there are more iPhones to choose from than the ones listed above. Apple has been increasing the number of phones they have been making each year in an attempt to have at least one phone in their lineup for each type of customer they can think of. Your kids are part of that equation so take advantage of the options that are available and make a choice that makes sense for you and your family.


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