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What are the new Apple products coming out in 2022?

 After the Peek Performance event brought the incredible Mac Studio and Studio Display, it’s been all quiet on the Apple front. But that’s just the calm before the next big thing. Apple has a ton of new products arriving over the rest of 2022 that’ll make the Peek Performance event seem like a mere appetizer. What are the new Apple products coming out in 2022?

Already released

  • iPhone SE (3rd generation)
  • iPad Air (5th generation)
  • Mac Studio (1st generation)
  • Studio Display


Apple revealed in June 2020 that it would be transitioning all its Macs from Intel processors to its own silicon within two years. Apple’s already updated many of its machines, including the MacBook Air, Mac mini, 24-inch iMac, 13-inch MacBook Pro, 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, and launched the new Mac Studio.

That still leaves the following Macs in need of an Apple silicon update, plus there are rumors that suggest that the second generation of the M1 chip, likely called the M2, could be in the works.

And don’t forget that the autumn of 2022 will also bring an update to macOS, which could bring new features geared specifically for the newest Macs. Here’s what we’re still expecting to arrive this year.

Mac Pro

As for the Mac Pro: work is said to be underway on the Apple Silicon Mac Pro, with a 32-core CPU and up to 128-Core GPU, which could be possible if Apple combines four M1 Max in one machine.

If Apple decides to use WWDC 2022 to show off its pro-focused desktop Macs with M-series chips we might see the new Mac Pro at the same time. The big question is what would this M-series chip be called? With M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra, that doesn’t really leave a name that could be considered even more powerful. Rumors suggest that it could be called the M1 Extreme, but it could also be an entirely new chip unrelated to the M1.


The follow-up to the M1 processor is due to arrive in 2022 and the fall seems like the perfect time. Apple is reportedly planning a similar chip with eight cores (four performance and four efficiencies), similar RAM limits (8GB or 16GB), and a slight performance increase.

Mac mini

Apple is said to be working on a new, more powerful Mac mini that will replace the Intel-powered Mac mini model that Apple kept in the line-up. This new “more powerful version of the Mac mini” could feature the same chip as the new MacBook Pro, according to a Bloomberg report, but also might jump to the M2.

And that may not be the only new Mac mini in 2022—in a December 2021 Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman indicates that there will be two new Mac minis coming, so we assume there will also be an M2 upgrade for the M1 version.

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is said to be getting a redesign and this could include a selection of iMac like colors, like those below:

A 2022 launch is rumored for this new machine, which will apparently feature the M2 chip. It’s possible that it makes an appearance at WWDC, but most likely it’ll arrive in the fall. Read everything we know about the new MacBook Air.

When? Fall 2022

13-inch MacBook Pro

There is one school of thought that believes that the 13-inch MacBook Pro might be discontinued when the new M2 MacBook Air arrives. Another suggests that we may see a 13-inch MacBook instead of a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

However, the strongest rumors suggest that there will be a new entry-level MacBook Pro coming in 2022. If it does arrive we can expect an M2 chip and some other smaller upgrades. Will it be good enough to be considered a Pro machine though?

When? Fall 2022


We’ll be getting a peek at iPadOS 16 at WWDC, but will it finally bring more synergy with the Mac? Will the gap narrow between Macs and iPads? Read more in iPadOS meeting macOS in the middle. Here’s the new hardware we expect to arrive alongside the OS update in the fall:

iPad Pro

Rumors suggest we can expect a new iPad Pro with an updated design and wireless charging support. Given that the current iPad Pro has an M1 chip, we expect the new model to gain an M2. Additionally, MagSafe support for the iPad is also said to be in the works with reverse charging to power other devices from the iPad.

When? Fall 2022

10.2-inch iPad (10th generation)

Gurman indicates we can also expect the usual update to the new standard iPad in 2022 with the same design and a new chip before a redesign arrives in 2023.

When? Likely Fall 2022


It’s a given that we will see an iPhone 14 in September, with four models arriving once again.

iPhone 14

There are already rumors about the successor to the iPhone 13. We are hearing that there will be no more iPhone mini. Instead, there will be a larger non-Pro iPhone to match the Pro Max. Even so, the Pro model is expected to get the biggest changes, with a new notches screen, 48MP camera, and a faster chip. Read more in our iPhone 14 rumor round-up.

When: September 2022

Apple Watch

There could be more than one new Apple Watch on the way in 2022.

Apple Watch Series 8

After a somewhat disappointing Series 7, all eyes will be on the Apple Watch Series 8 when it arrives this fall. Rumors suggest there could be a new larger size this year as well as a “rugged” option, and possibly the rumored redesign we didn’t get last year. We also might get a new skin temperature sensor, but it’s not entirely clear what it’ll actually be able to do.

When: September 2022

Apple Watch SE 2

After skipping a year, the Apple Watch SE is due to get an update in 2022, likely bringing an always-on display, ECG sensor, and fast charging. We were hoping for a lower price as well, but the latest rumors say the price will actually be going up.

When: September 2022


Apple’s AirPods are among its most popular devices, but also the most neglected. But we’re finally expecting a major update this year.

AirPods Pro

Apple hasn’t updated the AirPods Pro, one of its most popular products, since it arrived in October 2019. That means they’re in need of some attention. We’re expecting a new stemless design with some high-end fitness and audio features, possibly even the arrival of lossless audio. Read about the AirPods Pro 2022 here.

When? Fall 2022

New categories

If Apple was never to innovate away from the products it makes right now it could be left behind as technology progresses. It’s no surprise therefore that the company is working on various new areas. We don’t necessarily expect these to land in 2022, but rumors suggest that some of them still could arrive.

HomePod with screen

This might not arrive in 2022, but we do hope there is some truth in the rumors that Apple is working on a HomePod with a screen. We’ve always said that a screen would make the HomePod infinitely more usable, but perhaps we are the only ones who hate having to talk to our speaker.

A screen would extend the uses of the HomePod beyond audio into visual – so you could watch podcasts and news reports and YouTube videos, but most usefully communicate via FaceTime.

When? Possibly 2022 but likely 2023

AR Glasses

Apple’s made clear its interest in augmented reality, and we may hear more about its plans to make AR Glasses. The rumors suggest that we could see Apple’s AR Mixed Reality product by the end of 2022. It may be that Apple shows off the device, but waits until 2023 to launch it.

Maybe Apple will finally show off something at WWDC in an attempt to get developers to design apps for the new device, but that’s something of a longshot.


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