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8 Best Apple Pencil Hidden Features You Should Use

  The iPad and the Apple pencil are a perfect match. The Apple pencil was made for the iPad. Sure, the iPad can do without the Apple Pencil and keyboard, but you're missing out on the perfect iPad experience. Because Apple's Apple pencil for iPad has hidden features you should try.

8 Best Apple Pencil Hidden Features You Should Use

To get the most out of your iPad screen and make it your productivity tool, it's important to have the Apple pencil.

Use double-tap gestures for retouching by turning on "double-tap action.

When using the Apple pencil as an eraser, you can turn on "double-tap" and set it to double-tap to switch to the eraser tool to help you quickly complete erasing operations during your drawing and retouching work without having to repeatedly use the eraser function of the app.

1, open the "Settings" application on the iPad, that is, the application of the gear icon.

2, click "Accessibility", then click "Apple pencil".

3. Turn off "Double-tap" or change the duration of the double-tap gesture to a speed you are satisfied with in the following options.

If turning on the "double-tap" feature of the Apple pencil interferes with you, you can disable it by following the previous steps.

Turn on "Doodle with Apple pencil only.

What is Apple pencil doodling? For example, you can select an entire sentence by drawing a circle over the text you're typing, delete text by drawing a slash over misspelled text or separate two pieces of text by inserting a space between them by drawing a vertical line between them.

If you often use an Apple pencil to enter text, Doodle makes it easy to edit text quickly, improve the efficiency of entering text, and improve your writing experience.

Turn on "Write As You Go"

You can use the "Write by hand" feature to convert handwritten text to text in any app. It is much easier and faster than handwriting in the input method, and it can recognize scribbled handwriting fonts with high accuracy.

You can handwrite text directly in the text input box, and it also supports Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Quick note-taking

After upgrading to iPadOS 15, you can use the Apple pencil to take notes quickly, and by quickly, I mean the Apple pencil works perfectly with Apple's Memo, so you can use it to take notes quickly without opening Memo. How do I turn it on?

1、When you hover the tip of an Apple pencil over the bottom right corner of your iPad screen, a pop-up menu will appear, then tap it.

2、A quick notes window will pop up immediately, and you can write down notes directly.

Currently, only Apple's own memo app is supported, and third-party note apps such as OneNote are not yet supported. However, Apple's own Memo app is also feature-rich, allowing you to edit text and insert tables.

Screenshot and quickly add annotations

For those of you who regularly learn through live classes, it's crucial to take screenshots to save your instructor's lectures.

Use the Apple pencil to take quick screenshots. Swipe the Apple pencil from the bottom left corner of the screen to take a quick screenshot.

If you need to edit the screenshot at this point, you can tap on it and make any necessary annotations using the iPad editor with a pen, silver pen, pencil, eraser, and other annotation tools. Tap the top left corner to save, and tap the top right corner to edit or delete or share.

Quick note-taking on the lock screen

The note-taking and screenshot editing mentioned above are available only after unlocking the screen. How to take notes on the lock screen?

Open the screen and tap the tip of the Apple pencil twice on the iPad screen to open the memo.

For quick note-taking and instant inspiration, the Apple pencil supports note-taking on the lock screen.

Apple pencil pressure sensitivity

With pressure sensitivity that rivals professional digital pens, the Apple pencil simulates a standard pencil on the iPad screen, drawing thick and thin lines with the force of your wrist, just like a pencil on paper.

How to replace your Apple pencil tip

The Apple pencil comes with two nibs when you purchase it. For those who use the Apple pencil often, the tips will wear out. This is especially true for users with frosted or paper-like films.

Replacing the Apple pencil is actually very easy, just unscrew the nib counterclockwise and replace it with a new one and you're done.

If you run out of nibs, you can also buy them on the official website, Apple pencil nibs A set of 4 for 142 yuan.


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